Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eastern University bought 19.4 acres from Valley Forge Military Academy

"Eastern University bought 19.4 acres from Valley Forge Military Academy & College for an undisclosed amount.

Both schools are adjacent to each other though Eastern is in St. Davids and the military academy in Wayne along the Main Line.

The parcel is bordered by Eagle Road, Radnor Street Road and Walnut Avenue, which is south of the military academy’s main 120-acre campus. It is currently used for parking and faculty and staff housing. As part of the deal, the two schools agreed to certain shared uses of other facilities that will allow the military academy staff living in housing on the parcel to remain in their homes.

Eastern, which has a 94-acre campus, is looking to expand its programs and facilities. In a statement, the school said that some projects under consideration include establishing an intensive, two-year arts college program for students with nonverbal learning disabilities such as Asperger syndrome. For Valley Forge, the school said the sale strengthens its financial position and bolsters its relationship with Eastern, which is something it anticipates furthering in the future."

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