Monday, August 23, 2010

The Second Biggest Mistake Made By Tenants

"The second biggest mistake made by tenants looking for office space is not allowing enough time for the process. Far too often tenants will not get started early enough and have to settle for less than they could have had otherwise. This applies to tenants who are looking for conventional space and not executive suite, virtual office space, or co-working space. Typically a tenant can be in these spaces as soon as the next day or at least within the month.

Tenants looking for conventional office space under 10,000 should get started at least 6 months prior to their move in date. This will allow enough time to find some good alternatives, negotiate the best deal and have any tenant improvements completed for an on time move-in. This is true even in a soft market. In fact, even more so since there will be many more possibilities to investigate.

For office tenants over 10,000 square feet, at least 9 months should be allowed. The larger the tenant, the more complicated the process and more time is needed."

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