Friday, October 28, 2011

In Oaks, PA Temple follows through on suburban growth

by John George
"Temple University Heath System lung and orthopedic specialists have expanded their reach into Montgomery County by opening an outpatient facility in Oaks, a move that is part of Temple’s strategy to expand its presence outside the city.

The 5,500-square-foot Temple at Oaks satellite office is in the Oaks Corporate Center on Cresson Boulevard about six miles west of the King of Prussia Mall. It’s part of a building that also includes a Premier Urgent Care Center.

“By bringing Temple’s clinical expertise in these specialty programs [pulmonology and orthopedics] directly to this new outpatient facility, we are providing close-to-home care for nearby suburban patients,” said Dr. Larry R. Kaiser, dean of Temple University School of Medicine and president and CEO of the health system.

Kaiser said Oaks patients will also have access to advanced therapies and clinical trials available at Temple’s main hospital in North Philadelphia.

Dr. Gerard J. Criner, a professor of medicine at Temple’s medical school and director of the Temple Lung Center, will lead the lung program at the satellite office. Temple lung specialists at Oaks will diagnose and offer treatments for a variety of pulmonary disorders — including asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and lung cancer. The site will also feature a full-service pulmonary function and exercise laboratory, as well as a pulmonary rehabilitation facility.

Specialty programs for patients with advanced lung disease will also be available.
In addition, the complex will offer a whole-body rehabilitation program for patients with orthopedic disorders. A specially constructed cast room was created to facilitate immobilization therapies for patients with fractures or soft-tissue injuries.

A Temple sleep disorder center is also getting ready to open adjacent to the outpatient-care office in Oaks.
Kaiser, who took over as the head of the Temple medical school and health system in April, said in an interview earlier this year that creating new outpatient facilities and satellite offices in the suburbs was a key part of his plan for growing the health system.

“We want to plant the Temple ‘T’ in a number of locations around the community,” Kaiser said.

At that time, 38 of the 44 physician offices owned and operated by Temple were based in Philadelphia.

Temple spent about $975,000 refurbishing and equipping the Oaks office, which will be open weekdays. Saturday hours are expected to be added.
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