Friday, November 18, 2011

The Reinvestment Fund completes its move to 1700 Market St.

by Natalie Kostelni

"The Reinvestment Fund has completed its move to the 17th floor of 1700 Market St. in Center City and held an open house yesterday to show off its new space.

It’s vastly different from its old digs at the Cast Iron Building at 718 Arch St., where it made its home for more than two decades. Its new 22,000-square-foot offices are very efficient and on a single floor compared with being scattered on three floors at Cast Iron.

The layout allows departments that work together to be close enough to facilitate easier communication. The offices are also purposefully more inviting to outsiders. They were was designed by Partridge Architecture with an assist from TRF’s Graciela Cavicchia, vice president of operations for TRF Development Co., TRF Development Partners, so that TRF could share its space. Several meeting rooms were carved out of the space to allow community groups and other nonprofits to “borrow” these rooms, free of charge, for meetings.

The office also has wall space where it will display rotating art exhibits. Its first is of Brandywine Print Workshop pieces. It also has a permanent art installation by Elisabeth Nickles that greets visitors at the reception area.

TRF signed a 15-year deal on the space in a deal."

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