Monday, May 6, 2013

10195 N.E. Ave., Phila-Leased 133 W. Hunting Park Ave. SOLD

Compass Industries of New YorkCity, is a wholesale distributor of hardware items,  completed a five year lease extension for  50,000 sq.ft. at 10195 N.E. Ave,Phila., PA for a value of $800,000. The modern one-story warehouse facility is well located in Northeast  Phila. near US 1 and Roosevelt  Blvd. 

CLJ, LLC purchased 133 W. Hunting  Park Ave.  from the Estate of Leonard Bleiman for $1,100,000.00.. After a complete renovation an retrofitting by CLJ the property is to utilized by La Fortaleza Inc. as their main location for a Physical Therapy Lab and Fitness Center. Other portions of the building were leased to Temple Physicians and Smith Pharmacy.

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