Sunday, November 9, 2014

Negotiating Your Commercial Lease? Why Should You Use a Broker?

Unless you work for a brokerage firm, you are not an expert when it comes to commercial real estate leases. Leave it to the experts when it comes time to negotiate your lease.
Often times, a landlord will be more willing to discuss a better deal to the tenant based on the simple fact that they are working with a broker. A broker’s mere presence shows the landlord that the tenant is serious about a competitive offer. The key to a successful contract negotiation is competition. A broker will ensure that the tenant has their needs met and help them to lock down the best deal possible.

A broker has the time and resources to investigate and negotiate on behalf of the tenant. For someone without the resources of an experienced broker, these negotiations can be very time consuming. During a lease negotiation, a broker would be able to bring five important services to the table on behalf of their tenant.

1) Investigate the economic market to grab the best deal for a tenant
2) Create a competitive bidding environment between a landlord and a tenant
3) Handle the paperwork and transactions involved in a negotiation
4) Serve as a representative on behalf of a tenant’s legal rights
5) Analyze the needs of a tenant and investigate all properties suitable for those needs
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