Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Saxbys' new Center City HQ to push expansion

Kenneth Hilario Reporter Philadelphia Business Journal

Saxbys Coffee is in growth mode, and its new digs in Center City could propel it even further.
The coffee company has set up shop in about 7,000 square feet of space at 2300 Chestnut St., a few blocks away from its Rittenhouse Square location on Walnut Street.
It had been headquartered out of Broomall, Pa., sharing 5,000 square feet of space with local company Swiss Farms.

The new headquarters benefits the company in more ways than one, CEO Nick Bayer said.
"We have significantly more cafés in the city limits than outside the city limits, so from an operational perspective, we're much closer and therefore much more involved in our cafés by being in the city," Bayer said.
Secondly, the company is hiring aggressively both at the café level — it's looking to hire at least 100 people in the region — and from a corporate standpoint.
"There is a real desire for young people to want to be in the cities right now," Bayer said. "They're not looking for sprawling yards, sitting in a car and commuting for 45 minutes in each direction. They want to be able to jump on a trolley or ride their bike … and that happens in cities right now."

Philadelphia's density, affordability and vibrance are major assets for Saxbys.
Third, Bayer said he wants Saxbys to be an active participant in helping Philadelphia, and being headquartered in Center City will make it easier to accomplish.
"One of the ways we can do that is by entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and it’s easier for us to make that impact by being in the city," Bayer said. "By being in the city, it allows us to be really great partners to the city and be able to help add a little bit to the greatness that's already happening here."
The new HQ houses conference rooms, individual office space, an in-house café where new team members learn the ropes in making Saxbys' creations and an area for new team members to learn about hospitality.

All new café team members must go through training at the Center City HQ, which is a boon for the company because it means there will be brand consistency with standardized café and hospitality training.
Bayer said the company will help team members in any way it can when it comes to getting to and from the HQ, particularly those who will be working outside the city limits.

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