Thursday, January 19, 2017

$27 Million Luxury Apartment Building Opens in Norristown

By Justin Heinze ( Staff)

After four years of construction costing more than $27 million, the Luxor Lifestyle Apartments will officially open Wednesday in Norristown.

Luxor was built by the Westrum Development Company. It includes 157 luxury units.

"From municipal, county and school district officials to engineers, construction firms, lenders it was truly a group effort," Rosemary Rhodes, Director, Corporate Communications, said in a statement.

An additional 38 luxury rental units will be built at the adjacent Vista Ridge, a long vacant property. Construction there is slated to begin Feb. 1.

Developers are optimistic about Luxor.

"Residents of Luxor and Vista Ridge will be the catalysts that drive and accelerate the continued revitalization process on Main Street and throughout this county seat," Rhodes said.

Rent starts at $1,155 for a studio, $1,245 for a one bedroom apartment, and $1,690 for a two bedroom.

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