Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Virtual reality arcades opening around Philly region

by Connor Smith, Staff Writer Philly. com
At least nine virtual reality locations have opened in the greater Philadelphia region, from Langhorne and Glenside to Philadelphia and, soon, Ocean City, N.J.

Entrepreneurs are investing in high-end equipment and renting out their arcades to families, employers, and anyone else who wants to experience the cutting edge of virtual immersion, writes Connor Smith at philly.com.

At Liberty, the new VR arcade in Glassboro, you can stare up at the Eiffel Tower or roam the streets of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. “Elven Assassin” seeks to give you a true feel as you reach for your quiver, nock your arrow, and fire at hordes of orcs and trolls that rush toward your base. And games like “Fruit Ninja VR” can be an intense, fruit-slashing workout if you don’t mind flailing your arms like a fool.

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