Monday, October 1, 2018

Clark Hill signs lease at Two Commerce Square

By Natalie Kostelni  – Reporter, Philadelphia Business Journal
When Clark Hill entered Philadelphia five years ago with the acquisition of Thorp Reed & Armstrong, it inherited the law firm’s 21,000-square-offices at One Commerce Square, and it wasn't long after that it found the space would not accommodate its plans for future growth.

Thorp Reed had 12 attorneys in its Center City office at the time of the merger and now Clark Hill has grown 21 lawyers in an office that can accommodate 25. The firm wants to have up to 50 attorneys within five years. With that in mind and its lease expiring in September 2019, the firm started nine months ago to look for new office space. 

“We looked everywhere,” said Lauri Kavulich, who is in charge of Clark Hill’s Philadelphia office.

The firm was focused on Philadelphia and looked at 15 spaces along the West Market Street corridor.

It also considered three locations in University City –– Schuylkill Yards, but it wouldn’t be built in time; FMC Tower at Cira Centre South, which was full; and Cira Centre, which didn’t have enough space. The option to stay in its existing space and expand didn't work either since two adjacent tenants were going to be remaining in their space for some time. 

Along with having room to grow, the firm wanted to find a space that would be close to the courthouses and City Hal,l as well as have it designed more efficiently. In the end, it didn’t have to look far for what it wanted. The firm signed a lease on 34,000 square feet on a floor and a half of Two Commerce Square.

“Once of the reasons we chose Commerce Square is it is close to Amtrak as well,” Kavulich said. “We have clients up and down the corridor. We also have Washington, D.C., office.”
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