Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Phila.-area McLaren dealership one of only eight in U.S.

"McLaren Automotive, which sells high-end sports cars with six-figure sticker prices, is opening a suburban Philadelphia dealership Wednesday.

McLaren has only eight U.S. dealerships: In Beverly Hills, Calif.; Chicago; Dallas; Greenwich, Conn.; Newport Beach, Calif.; San Francisco; Tampa, Fla.; and now West Chester, Pa., at 1631 West Chester Pike.

The British sports car maker was founded in 1963 by a New Zealander, Bruce McLaren. Under his guidance, the racing team won its first Grand Prix Formula One race in 1968, the first of many. Motor Trend magazine says McLaren and Ferrari have two of the most successful Formula One programs in history.

Its street-legal cars are known for high performance, a lightweight aluminum frame and an engine that generates a neck-spraining 592 horsepower. McLaren’s site doesn’t seem to list sticker prices, but Auto Week reports that the base price for a 2012 McLaren MP4-12C is $231,400."

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